sydney delicious (desireless) wrote in cooking,
sydney delicious

Dried vs. fresh bay leaf

This is probably a silly question but I'm sort of a cooking newbie so please forgive me!

I have a recipe that calls for a fresh bay leaf. I don't have fresh, only the dried kind. Now, I know that most dried herbs can be used interchangeably with the fresh ones, but is that true about bay leaves, too? Almost every recipe that I've seen using bay leaves always says to take out the leaf once the flavour has been absorbed. Is the bay leaf edible? It's for a dip that I'm making so I'll be giving it a whirl in the food processor once it's done. Anyone made this substitution and found that it worked out okay?

(One site found via Google actually says that if the recipe calls for a fresh bay leaf and I have to resort to using the dried kind, I might be better off using a different fresh herb.)

Thanks guys!
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