Searching for contentment (buela) wrote in cooking,
Searching for contentment

Emergency HELP needed! Counteract bitter garlic taste?

I am making soup, and the garlic I added (sauteed in the last few minutes with the onions) was old? too strong? whatever, it just has that bitter taste that garlic sometimes gets that's not the greatest. But I had too much going on to notice this until it was too late.

Will this subside as I simmer the soup?

Will this subside when I add the cream later?

Is there anything I can add to counteract this taste?

FYI it's "zuppa toscana" like from Olive garden - what's simmering now is chicken broth, potatoes, onions, garlic. To be added later: Cream, sausage, bacon, and kale -- and whatever else will help!!

Thanks for anything you can suggest!

Edited for followup:
  • The garlic didn't have any green center and really wasn't old, and the cloves seemed firm so I was VERY surprised by the bitterness - usually I give it a very good whiff before I add garlic to anything!
  • Part of the problem is that I added a lot more than the recipe called for I added two cloves that were each HUGE; both were at least the size of a normal clove. That's what I get for trying to cook while herding a toddler and a brand new dog!
  • I learned my lesson BIG TIME about pressing instead of mincing garlic. Things were so crazy that I wanted to take a short cut and now I'm paying the price.
  • The cream (a little more than was called for), some salt and pepper that it needed anyway, and about a tbsp each of honey and sugar seemed to really help. It's not nearly as good as if I hadn't screwed up to begin with but at least now it's not borderline nasty.
Thanks to all for your suggestions!

Edited again to add: A very small dollop of vietnamese chili garlic sauce REALLY helped. You can't taste the spiciness but it somehow really did the trick to counteract *most* of the bitter garlic taste. It's still sub-standard; I think that nothing can truly save it once it's permeated with bad garlic, but at least now it's much more edible.
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