a_boleyn (a_boleyn) wrote in cooking,

Leftover Sushi - Storing

I like making sushi at home but for a single person wanting to have a variety of sushi rolls the inevitable result is leftovers.

How do you deal with them?

Not nigiri or gunkan sushi, just regular maki rolls.

Just yesterday I made 2 kinds of rolls: with tamago, bacon and avocado and spicy ahi tuna with avocado. Unfortunately, I had a couple of rolls left. Today, I had the leftovers. Even though I stored rolls cut in half in an air tight plastic container with paper towels under and over the rolls, and let them sit out for about half an hour to come to temp, the rice was dry-ish and chewy compared to the day before when it was fresh.

Should I just throw out leftover rolls as soon as I'm done eating?

What would be your suggestion?

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