Catherine (radiantlove) wrote in cooking,

[Is it edible?] Boxes of expired pudding

In an effort to use older items in my pantry, I was pulling out cans and boxes & checking expiration dates & came across some boxes of instant pudding, all past expiry.
I was going to just toss them, but then wondered if maybe there was still a range of time around the stamped expiration date when I'd still be ok to use them.
The oldest are from March/April of last year; a couple are dated last July; one is from late-November '08.
Honestly, I won't be heartbroken if I have to throw them away. Clearly instant pudding is something I don't let sit around ;) Just thought I'd ask 'cause I feel wasteful tossing food that still would be ok to use!
Tags: help: is it edible
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