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Frozen roast chicken

I belong to a local food buying club and they had a deal on chickens this week.  I ended up with a frozen roasting chicken that's about 4lbs.  I'm planning on making that for dinner tomorrow (Sunday).  How would I go about defrosting it?  Should I take it out tonight and put it in the fridge?  Or put it in the sink with cold water tomorrow?  That's what I was thinking.  I remember my mom doing that with turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Which would take forever with the size turkeys she would get.  Anyway, how long would it take to defrost this way?  Changing out the water every so often, too, right?  Or is there a better method?

I'm planning on just simply cutting a head of garlic in half, cutting up a lemon and maybe getting some thyme and stuffing the chicken.  I'll probably get some small potatoes and some carrots and roasting the chicken on top of that.  And I'll save the carcass for chicken stock. 

Oh, while I'm at it, what is the difference between stock and broth?  From what I've understood, stock is usually made with the bones and it takes much longer than stock, which would be made with a whole chicken.  Is that correct? 

Thanks for the help everyone!
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