Jesso (syntheticjesso) wrote in cooking,

Ham Bone & Beans

I brought home the bone from our Christmas ham, a Honeybaked Ham Co. ham. It's got remnants of ham on it, and it's still in the foil with the juices in the bottom. My aunt also gave me a jar of a bunch of different kinds of beans to use with the ham bone. She told me to put it in my crock pot with water 2 inches above the beans, but I didn't really get a chance to ask how long to cook them. And of course, the more I think about it, the more questions I have... so I turn to you, oh wise cooking community :)

How long should I cook this? I've never done dry beans before. Will a full day in the crock pot be enough, or should I start them tonight for dinner tomorrow night? Should I leave the ham bone in that whole time? Will water 2 inches above the beans really be enough? It seems like it would cook off. Is it a good idea to use the juices in the bottom of the foil from the ham? And finally, seasonings! What kinds of seasonings should I throw in the pot? I've got the basics in my pantry, and I'm thinking of running to the store later anyways so I could even get something if I don't have it.

Any advice? Thanks to you all in advance!
Tags: help: cooking method, method: crockpot
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