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Halloween Cupcakes

Are you ready for Halloween?

I am nowhere close to being prepared. It's probably because -- brace yourselves -- I'm kind of indifferent about Halloween. I hate it because it's just an obstacle in the way of Christmas, but I love it because it's the catalyst for Half Price Candy Day (my all time fave holiday celebrated on November 1st).
But I love an excuse to bake cupcakes, and Halloween offers up some pretty cool decorating options, like these chocolate spider webs and pumpkins.
So how do you make them? Simply melt chocolate and pipe it onto a sheet of parchment or tin foil, then pop the designs into the freezer for a few minutes. If your kitchen is as warm as mine, the webs will soften over the top of the cupcakes and create a cool effect.

More pictures and cupcakes over at Leanne Bakes!
Recipe and Bonus Picture!Collapse )
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