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This is Not Your Nanay's Beef Salpicao

Hello! It's finally my semestral break and I'm back from a long hiatus of not posting anything :) It wasn't like I did not cook at all, I had photos and blog drafts waiting to be posted. I suppose, my school took a bit of a toll on my literary creativity that I'm currently suffering from writer's block. So, forgive my babbling in this latest blog post. To kick off my come back, I posted something savory instead of the usual dessert.

This is one of my favorite food combinations: some dish of meat eaten with a heaping serving of mashed potato :) Last time I had some form of meat and mash was way back in August or July when my friend Cheska and I cooked chili con carne and mashed potato for lunch. This time, it's a Filipino dish called beef salpicao.

"Nanay" is the Filipino word for "Mother", although in the city Filipino children mostly use 'mama' or 'mommy'. Nanay is not just limited to referring to one's own mother, but could also be used to refer to any lady-relative or house help to whom one is close with and is also of old age (like, 50-70+ years old). I saw it fit to have it on my title because my version is a bit more colorful and way different from the salpicao that my own Nanay usually makes, but it tastes just as lovely :) I encourage fellow cooks in this comm to try it out~ :)

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