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Post-election Celebration Loco Moco

ETA: Pronunciation corrected

In celebration of the new US president and to soak up some of the liquor you're tossing back, make the classic loco moco  (pronounce loh-koh moh-koh), a dish served throughout the Hawaiian island chain in various forms.

This hearty combination of a bed of sushi rice, your favourite 'brown' or beef gravy, covered with a fried egg (over easy or sunny side up as long as the yolk is still runny) and a hamburger patty and more gravy as well as a scoop of coleslaw.

For a healthier version, substitute brown rice for the sushi rice. Instead of the hamburger patty, use a turkey or chicken burger, a piece of grilled fish or marinated tofu. And, if you're into a monochromatic colour scheme, make a white (chicken based) gravy.

If you really want to be authentic uniquely Hawaiian , substitute a slice of grilled SPAM for the hamburger patty. For that version, go to my LJ.

Classic Loco Moco
Tags: eggs, grains: rice, meat: beef, sauce: gravy, sushi
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