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Ham Steak with apples and sweet potatoes- easy

The ham steak dish was easy and very good. It says it serves 6 not-especially-hungry people; I'd say 4- but we hadn't had ham for a long time so we ate largish pieces. Stretch it out by including more potatoes and/or apples, and maybe a salad or cooked green (as well as rice or similar for the sauce).

1.5 pound ham steak
2 medium sweet potatoes
2 tart apples (I used Granny Smith)
0.5 cup brown sugar
0.5 cup water

Cut the sweet potatoes into quarters and parboil for 5 minutes in boiling salted water. Meanwhile, if there's a lot of fat on the ham slice, cut through it so it'll cook flat. Quarter apples and core. (The recipe says to cut into 1-inch slices, but I didn't and they were still overdone if anything.)

Grease a baking dish- I used a stainless steel frying pan- and put the ham in the middle. Surround it with the apples and the drained sweet potatoes. Sprinkle the sugar over it all and add the water.

Bake for 30-45 min or so at 350F, till the potatoes are done.

Serve with rice or quinoa or mashed potatoes to enjoy some of the juice. If you want to, or are doing it for company, I'd suggest resting the ham, potatoes, and apples while you boil down the juices to reduce them, and maybe add a bit of butter at the last minute off heat to thicken it.

Note: I did cook this covered; the recipe didn't specify. It might be well to uncover it for the last 10 min or so. Also, ginger would be an excellent addition to the flavorings, maybe minced and lightly sauteed before adding the rest of the stuff.

This is adapted from a 1920s era cookbook ("At Home on the Range" by Margaret Yardly Potter). In the cookbook, it's a paragraph description; I turned it into a more modern format with a bit more explanation. The cookbook is a fascinating read, and I particularly enjoyed her run-down of the advantages and disadvantages of iceboxes vs. electric refrigerators.

ETA: Apple cider or juice would be a good substitute for the 0.5 cup water in the above.
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