crimedoc1 (crimedoc1) wrote in cooking,

Copycat help, please!

I've been using Kraft's Fresh Take products recently and they are a HUGE hit in my family.  If you've not used them, they are a combination of seasoned bread crumbs and cheese - each is in a separate pouch and you mix them together when you are ready to use them.

The Italian Parmesan variety is awesome for breading chicken breasts - I bake them and everyone loves them.  I mix the rosemary and roasted garlic variety with ground beef and make meatballs or meatloaf. I made the meatloaf tonight for company and got loads of compliments. :-)

I was wondering about making my own, rather than purchasing Kraft - if nothing else, I should be able to seriously cut the sodium.  Anyone have any copycat recipes they might be able to share?
Tags: dairy: cheese, recipe: copycat
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