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Chocolate and Vanilla Pinwheel Cookies

If I spent nearly as much time wrapping presents and organizing as I do baking, I'd be ready for Christmas by now.
But I don't - so here we are with more cookies, regardless of the giant mess in my apartment. These pinwheel cookies are gifts though (well, half of them are...), so that counts at least a little bit. And nothing makes a home more in the holiday spirit than the smell of freshly baked anything, especially chocolate and vanilla pinwheel cookies.

This recipe is definitely a keeper, too. I added a bit more chocolate to the dough, and made the pinwheel pattern thinner than most, which reminds me of those thin-layered zebra cakes and makes me unreasonably happy.
Are you a little more ahead than I am for the holidays? If yes (and even if no!) try a batch of these cookies to help get in the spirit!

Check out lots more pictures over at Leanne Bakes!

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