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Spiced Crispies (Chivda, or Indian Snack Mix)

Chivda is a common Indian snack mix (think of it as Indian Chex Mix!) also called Bombay Mix in the U.K. This version salty-sweet mix is a flavor explosion, to say the least: it combines sultry curry leaves and toasted spices with toasted nuts and golden raisins. You'll be addicted in no time. It's seriously sooo delicious.

I listed substitutions for the few Indian ingredients you need, but it's really worth it to pop over to an Indian grocery if you have one -- especially for curry leaves and sev. The whole recipe is super quick -- about 20 minutes, flat -- so prepare your mise-en-place ahead of time (have everything set out.)

Thanks to kimberlite8 for this recipe :)

recipe + photoCollapse )

To read about the 5 stages of holiday grocery shopping grief, follow my quest to find golden raisins (you'd think that'd be a relatively simple ingredient to find for this recipe, right?!), and see more chivda photos, please head over to Willow Bird Baking!

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