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Modified Cherry Shortbread

Cherry shortbread by thatwordgrrl
Cherry shortbread, a photo by thatwordgrrl on Flickr.

I took the recipe that hardboiledblond posted here and modified it somewhat. The biggest thing was that I left out the white chocolate, since neither I nor Himself care for it. I also realized that I had gotten morello cherries at Trader Joe's instead of maraschino cherries. Morello cherries are not as sugary sweet as maraschinos and are darker. They taste more like actual cherries. I upped the juice to 3 tbsp. and added another quarter-cup of cherries because...well, I love cherries. Because the dough was "wetter" due to the extra juice, I added another 10 minutes to the baking time for a total of 27 minutes.

The end result was probably not quite as sweet as the ones that hardboiledblond made, but with more of a true black cherry flavor. My one caution with the morello cherries is BEWARE OF PITS. I had to fish some out while chopping the cherries.

Considering I am terrified of modifying baking recipes, I'm quite pleased with the results. I may add chopped almonds next time.
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