Maria Sorokina (pinchofcinnamon) wrote in cooking,
Maria Sorokina


I was not at all aware about Swedish cooking before I got a request for a private Swedish cooking class last November. It looked like no chances to make for me. However at the end of the story the class went well and I became attached to many Scandinavian dishes among which gravlax goes first. Gravlax is home marinated salmon served with special mustard sauce on rye bread toast. It requires hardly any work and is a killer appetizer. For those like me, who can't really stop eating it halfway, it often tends to become a self sufficient lunch or dinner.
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Tags: appliance: general, diet: all, diet: low-cal, fish: salmon, meal: appetizer, meal: dinner, meal: lunch, meal: snack, sauce: condiments, sauce: marinade, seafood: fish, seafood: salmon
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