Play the game, but up the ante (a_bemused_muse) wrote in cooking,

Aloe Vera in cooking?


Recently, I saw this documentary which mentioned how great aloe vera was for you and that putting aloe vera gel into smoothies and the like was an excellent idea. I have a plant at home and I'd like to use it for situations aside from burn treatment. To that end, I Googled recipes and came up with some really mixed reviews, especially concerning preparation of the aloe vera leaf.

So, if possible, I'd like to get any solid answers on how I should approach using it -- or if it's even worth going through all of the trouble to use it. Has anyone harvested from a plant at their house? How did you make it edible without suffering from the natural laxative effects of the yellowish-red sap? How did you end up using it?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: help: cooking method, help: how to
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