Maria Sorokina (pinchofcinnamon) wrote in cooking,
Maria Sorokina

Schnecken (German sticky cinnamon buns)


I remember saying something about baklava just recently. Forget. These sticky cinnamon buns are the most powerful piece of anti stress baking (and eating) I ever tried. They might well be the best piece of pastry I ever produced. You will smell the nuts bubbling in sticky maple syrup and all the sweet cinnamon richness, while watching how the spiral buns puff out of their cases, catching each others' sides and crisping up on top. Twenty minutes later that one of them looking right at you will be just yours. And so will be the maple nutty goo left over at the bottom of the baking dish (which is, as often happens in life, the best part of the exercise).

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Tags: bread: all, dairy, dairy: butter, dessert: all, grains: all, grains: dough flour/masa harina, herbs and spices, herbs and spices: cinnamon, meal: breakfast, meal: dessert, meal: snack, method: baking, nuts, nuts: peanuts, nuts: walnuts, sugar, vegetarian
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