Maria Sorokina (pinchofcinnamon) wrote in cooking,
Maria Sorokina

Christmas Black cake (Rum cake)


Late in November I felt like being sad and doing nothing, so I set down with a random cookbook from my bookshelf and it randomly opened on Christmas chapter. It was saying that late November is exactly when one is supposed to make English Christmas cakes, so that they have time to mature before the big day. That's how I came to making those for the first time. That felt somehow proud to undertake this kind of month long baking venture. It turned out to very enjoyable and rewarding too, so I well might continue with it next year.

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Tags: dairy, dairy: butter, dessert: all, dessert: cake, diet: all, diet: vegetarian, fruit: all, grains: all, grains: dough flour/masa harina, herbs and spices, holiday: all, meal: breakfast, meal: dessert, meal: snack, method: baking, vegetarian
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