Frankly Flâneur (nanini) wrote in cooking,
Frankly Flâneur

Food Bucket List

Hello all. Happy new year, as we're still in time for that.
I've been quite unsatisfied with the food bucket lists available out there. I think the main issue I have is it lacks basic items that are perhaps taken for granted and not included. However, I'd like to try making my own top 100 list with your help, that's as comprehensive as possible. I mean, everyone should try peanut butter, and I haven't seen it on any list.

I'd like exquisite stuff but also something you may eat everyday but still think everyone in the world should try at least once. Opening it this way can be hard to get 100 things, but let's try it. If we get too much stuff we'll find a way to cut it down later. Try to avoid brands, unless you there's a reason for it. Also, try to think globally, not only your area.

What should everyone eat at least once before they die?

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