Ala Verity (bubblebubba) wrote in cooking,
Ala Verity

Insanely Fudgy Deconstructed Twix Brownies

Happy Friday! Or, if you’re at my house, Happy Gooey, Rich, Caramel-y, Fudgy Friday…

In honor of this momentous occasion, I have composed an incredibly insightful, original, and profound song for all of you…

Insanely Fudgy Deconstructed Twix Brownies 1--11013

(Sung to the tune of something vaguely resembling Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the rights to which I do not own–thank God.)

♪ Oo-ooh-ooh, ooh yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah





Yeah, yeah, yeah

7 AM waking up in the morning

Skipping to the chorus ‘cuz this verse’s boring….

It’s GooeyRichCaramel-yFudgyday,


gotta get brown(-ies) on Friday

Everybody’s looking forward to the

Freakin’ fudgy brownies!


For the absolutely delectable recipe and more fun fudgy Friday shenanigans hop on over!

Tags: dessert: all, dessert: blondies/brownies, dessert: chocolate
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