Millions of strange shadows does she attend on (non_canon) wrote in cooking,
Millions of strange shadows does she attend on

Question About Portable Foods

My job has presented me with a bit of a challenge food wise, but I figure this community may be the one to help me solve it. During the day I spend a lot of time driving from one place to another, and often end up eating a quick lunch sitting in my car between appointments. Having gotten sick of sandwiches, I'm looking for other types of food that I can stuff in a lunch box and carry with me. I don't have any dietary restrictions/food allergies, but I'm not very partial a lot of veggies. Won't have access to a microwave, but I could keep something in a thermos or next to an ice pack.

Any help would be appreciated. Loving all the yummy recipes you guys post!
Tags: !general questions, help: how to, help: travel, help: what to make
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