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cooking for a group of picky eaters


I need some advice.  I am having a girls weekend soon (yeah) and each meal two people take turns in making dinner.  I love to cook and I am partnered with someone who doesn't cook that much so it has been left to me to come up with a menu.  It would be for a dozen people.  However we have people with dairy issues (can use cream ), no pork, no red meat, and no onions.  Yes the killer for me is the no onions.  I ask why she can't just not eat the onions (she isn't allergic just doesn't like them) but no...she only eats these veggies
I like cooked broccoli, cauliflower and carrots
Onions and peppers – ick!
also so no dairy with meat
and no shellfish

Which kinda leaves chicken???
any ideas?

thanks ever so much

JUST WANTED TO ADD:  thanks so much for all your suggestions!  very helpful :)
Tags: !general questions, dairy, help: what to make, meat: chicken, vegetable: onion
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