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Baking chicken pieces with salad dressing

I have been researching about cooking with salad dressing and want to make baked chicken parts (bone in) but the recipes I looked at are for boneless chicken and the cook time varies from 35 minutes to an hour.  I thought because of the bones I'd have to cook it longer...

So the recipe I want to do says to drizzle the Italian dressing over the chicken until the bottom of the baking dish is covered and bake this uncovered.  I am not using Italian but a greek salad dressing that looks like Italian but has more or different spices in it.  I know it will work the same as Italian.  I think I should remove the skin.  What about other dressings like ranch?

My next question is about making this same thing in a slow cooker which is more convenient for me on work days.  How long and will it be soggy?  I have made a whole chicken cooked over gravy, potatoes and carrots.  I remove the skin when I take it out but I wasn't planning on removing the skin from the cut up chicken but wonder if it would be better if I did.

So if you have baked chicken with bones in how long and how hot?
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