full_metal_ox (full_metal_ox) wrote in cooking,

Nutritional value of peppers allowed to shelf-ripen after purchase?

This is a time of year when many of the green chile and bell peppers at my local groceries show touches of red and yellow; I've discovered that they will continue ripening even in the refrigerator. Green peppers* plus time equal red peppers--at considerable savings, since ripe peppers are far more expensive than the corresponding green varieties (understandably so, since the ripe ones will have required the expenses of longer cultivation.)

The flavor sweetens and--in the case of hot peppers--mellows the bite, but I'm wondering what effect shelf-ripening has on the nutritional content: is the increase in carotenoid vitamins offset by the decline in freshness?

*Providing that they already show touches of the eventual ripe color; I've never had a wholly green pepper ripen after purchase.
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