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anna e

Dessert Ideas

We are having friends over this weekend for the fourth weekend in a row.  I'm getting tapped out of dinner/dessert ideas and since it's the same couple (they're helping us with some projects), I don't want to repeat.

What are your tried and true favorite dessert ideas?

Can't be too complicated.  With 2 small kids, and a lot going on I regrettably do not have time to get OVERLY involved.  So that eliminates making my own puff pastry (although I used to love doing that).  Making ahead is fine--so is day of.  Doesn't matter.

We only have a mini fridge.  And it's PACKED.  So preferably nothing large that needs refrigeration.

I am almost 'caked' out, two birthdays in this past month.  Made 2 from scratch cakes w/buttercream so if I did a cake would want something different.

We've had:
Chocolate cake (from my friend)
Banana/toffee pie (from my friend)
and an Oreo freezer bar thingy.
So obviously doesn't need to be TOO fancy.

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