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Supper and Stargazing Party: National Astronomy Day

Well, yesterday was National Astronomy Day (the date changes yearly) and I had my supper and stargazing party. I ended up with two quiche and I used Martha Stewart's recipe for the spinach and gruyere which you can see in this month's Living edition. I also found a recipe for a bacon and zucchini quiche that used gruyere so I didn't need to purchase two cheeses.

Recipe also available at http://www.marthastewart.com/1063722/spinach-and-gruyere-quiche

I learned a few valuable lessons.
1) Rotate quiche so one doesn't brown (didn't burn) too heavily in the back of the oven.
2) Rolling out quiche crust is hard. (I just used my fingers to push it in place.)
3) I have amazing friends.

Food Menu:
2 quiche: spinach and gruyere as well as turkey bacon, zucchini, and gruyere
1 large spring mix salad with a small amount of feta, walnuts, raspberries and blueberries with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette
fruit skewers with watermelon cut out into stars. (I called them shooting stars and comets)

Drink Menu:
3 various white wines
1 rose wine
unsweetened iced tea
water with lemon balm from my garden

Thank you all for your wonderful ideas from my previous post. I decided on a fruity salad with a little bit of feta and an acidic vinaigrette as suggested.

Stargazing Invite






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