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First and foremost: New mods!
I'd like to say thanks to everyone who applied here, but unfortunately I couldn't accept them all. Your four new mods are:


Secondly: New contact info!
The new community for getting in contact with the mods of cooking can be found at cookingmods and here is the contact post. All of the mods' PM information can be found in the userinfo of that community as well.

Lastly, possible new look?
In my personal opinion, the layout here at cooking is, while on-topic and food-related, a little outdated and bland. I'd really like to give it a fresh new look but would love to hear from you all about what you think about it before changing anything. Please fill out this poll. We know there is no way to make every member happy but we're going to do everything we can to make sure our decision is fair and goes with what the majority of the community seems to want. :)

Poll #1978999
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 52

Should the layout here be changed?

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14 (26.4%)
2 (3.8%)
I don't care either way.
35 (66.0%)
Other, I'll explain in the comments.
2 (3.8%)

How do you feel about the layout currently being used at cookingmods?

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I love it and I think we should use it at cooking.
14 (26.4%)
I like it, but not for cooking.
5 (9.4%)
I don't like it.
3 (5.7%)
I don't care either way.
28 (52.8%)
Other, I'll explain in the comments.
3 (5.7%)

If the layout here is changed, how should we go about choosing a new one?

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Finding different layouts in various layout communities and holding a community poll to choose.
18 (31.6%)
Holding a layout contest here where our coding-inclined members can create one specifically for this community.
17 (29.8%)
Using the one that is currently being used at cookingmods.
15 (26.3%)
Other, I'll explain in the comments.
2 (3.5%)
None, I don't think it should be changed.
5 (8.8%)

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Jan. 4th, 2006

i start out as a linecook at an alehouse on friday.

what are some tips for starting out?

May. 20th, 2002

Here in Seattle there is a great Mexican restaurant called Aqua Verde - with heavenly meatless sweet potato (or yam) and caramelly onion tacos.

However, I've tried without success to find a recipe that even remotely sounds the same! Please share your sweet potato/yam (yes I realize they aren't actually the same plant) goodness!


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