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Date-night dinner. Results!

Hi guys!

About a week ago I asked y'all for date night dinner inspiration and you were wonderfully helpful! In the end I made piri-piri chicken and rice, with a side of cucumber-cheddar-red onion salad and pickled beets.

Alas, I have no pictures but under cut are recipes!

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Dinner was very well welcomed; I served everything with pear cider which complemented the spices nicely. :)

Fettucini with Veggies in Cream Sauce

(This is from my website with slightly different wording.)

Note: I refer to most of the seasonings as being “to taste” but it should be noted that my own “to taste” is rather on the heavy side. I like a lot of flavor. So if you want yours to come out like mine, be generous with the spices. If you prefer subtler tastes, then use less spices. I'll try to "guestimate" what I use in parentheses next to each one, but I won't have the actual measurements until the next time I cook this.

It also must be noted that this recipe makes a LOT of the veggies in cream sauce part, because I always cook with the intention of freezing leftovers. I don’t make all the fettucini at once, however. Each time I reheat the veggies/sauce part, I cook more new fettucini for the servings that I’m making.Read more...Collapse )

Broccoli and Brie cheese gratin

Unlike many "on the go" simple foods I make for myself this I don't want to go unnoticed. It made a beautiful, simple and delicious dinner. Together with a glass of cider it even made me nostalgic about France. You just need to like both broccoli and cheese to enjoy as much as I did.

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Broccoli and gorgonzola cream soup

RecipesOriginally posted by pinchofcinnamon at Broccoli and gorgonzola cream soup

Sometimes I really need some vegetable soup. It's the most comforting food I can imagine. Especially if it is a cream soup. The brilliant thing about it is that it doesn't have to be complicated. To me the best vegetable cream soups are plane, with one or two components and with no thickeners (like flour or heavy cream).Read more...Collapse )

Vegetable problem

I bought some wonderful looking, fresh broccoli the other day. I decided I would make it for dinner, but I got distracted while it was cooking, and now I basically have a bowl full of mushy broccoli. What would you do with a bowl full of mushy broccoli? I suppose I could just eat it like I was planning to do, but it is pretty unappealing now. The only other possibility I could think of was to use it in a instead of zucchini in a zucchini bread recipe, though I have a feeling that would not end well at all. Any ideas? Thanks!

ETA: Thanks for the soup idea, everyone! It's already getting pretty hot where I live, so it's not exactly soup weather. I might do it anyway, but do you have any other ideas? Tough question, I know... :)

Peanut Sesame Noodles

peanut sesame noodles

Peanut Sesame noodles, healthy, vegan, and only takes as long as it does to cook noodles.

More at my blog, The Alchemist

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My grandma got a nice bag with Heads? of broccoli, and I was very exited, as I only ate it once almost a decade ago, but still remember how much I liked it...

Now, all I remember is that it was steamed Broccoli topped with either cheese or bechemel (really can't remember), but while the idea of topping it with bechemel is very, very tempting (because that white goodness makes everything better, oh~) I was curious as to what other alternatives we had. The thing's raw yet, so, any suggestion is more than welcome!

Mar. 22nd, 2009

I've been OBSESSING over Panera Bread's Broccoli Cheddar Soup since I had it for the first time. Today I made it all by myself ^_^

It looks and tastes pretty much exactly the same. It's so delicious.

It makes 8 servings... I could have cut everything down, but it was a lot easier to do it in eight servings anyway because, for instance, it took exactly one pound of broccoli... and the store sells clusters of broccoli stalks in one pound increments. We do have a mini-scale to weigh food... but I don't know where it is and I'm too lazy for all of that extra math. As a side note, it was the biggest mess my kitchen has ever seen.
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Jan. 7th, 2006

Does anyone have a good recipe for broccoli casserole. One of my family members made one this year at Christmas and I forgot to ask who made it so I could get a recipe. Thanks


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