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Kifli Cookie time!!!

Kifli is a very "short" pastry, filled with a sweet, thickened jam (just a wee bit mind you) and rolled into cresents... Family tradition calls for copious kifli baking at christmas.

Here is the recipe....

and below are a series of pictures to give you some idea of the steps... it takes surprisingly little time and the rewards are fantastic.

I'd love to hear that someone makes them and how they turn out.

Making the pastry the night before...

Icky yeast stuff... bubles up in the cup if you have "good" yeast and did it properly.

Rolling it out with lots of flour and sugar tossed around the surface...
I use a butter knife and slice up a "grid"... the put the blobs of jam
(this year we had some homemade "reduced" plum jam.)

and the cresents'.... 375 - 400 for 10 minutes...

and voila!!


Edit: (2010) Here's a link to my youtube channel with a short
video showing the final stages of making the pasties. :D
[ :: You Too Can Tube :: ]
(merry hoho... :D)

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