March 26th, 2008

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Ice cream?

Does anyone know of an automatic ice cream maker for home usage that doesn't require pre-freezing the bowl? I know this sounds odd, but we want an ice cream machine but don't want the hassle of an empty bowl taking up space in our freezer. My family buys in bulk (my father often making shopping trips and bringing home meat from the discount section), and it's...a quite large family, so we don't often have room to spare, especially for an empty bowl.
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Tea Sandwich Help!

Hello everyone! Hope your having a good week so far!

I need help! I have been asked to cater a "High Tea"  I need to make the following sandwiches:

  1. Egg Salad
  2. Chicken Salad
  3. Open Faced Cucumber Sandwiches
  4. Open Faced Tomato and Basil Sandwiches

I have never ever made any of these, so any help would be appreicated, AND! I would love your BEST Recipes for this!
Thanks so much!!!

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chicken soup

i have an obscene amount of campbells chicken noodle soup.  too much.  i am looking for other things to do with it other than soup.  i hit google but that didn't work out to well.  all the recipies i found wanted cream of chicken soup and this is good old plain chicken noodle.

any ideas?


Okay, I've recently started baking my own pizza-bases and am looking for something different and tastey to top them with!  Generally I just go for a basic dough and then top it with pretty plain things like pepperoni, or ham and pineapple, or veggie!  I want really unique and yummy things to have!  So if you have any ideas for different toppings, or combinations of toppings, or if you are aware of any substitutes for the tomato puree, like BBQ sauce or something, then that's completely welcome!  Or if you think there's something I could change to the dough to make it a little different!  Seriously....anything I can do to add a little jazz to my pizza's is welcome!

Thanks guys!


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I am a poor student who loves food (cooking and eating it - heh). Yet I am at a creative block on 1) good transportable food to bring to school for lunch/snack and 2) good high protein (i.e. high energy) dinner food to make.

Suggestions? Ideas?
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French baguettes for bread n00bs

A step-by-step process!

This will be your finished product. Please pardon my pans, they have been well-loved.

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These loaves are awesome. The outside is lightly crusty, the inside is light and chewy and fluffy. They are delicious warm with some butter, but even better? Make a nice sub/hoagie/grinder/whatever-you-call it. My husband is looking forward to his lunch tomorrow, LET ME TELL YOU INTERNET.

(The original recipe is from here, but I've adjusted the rising times and whatnot to better serve my non-bread-machine-having needs.)

Dinner Ideas?

I bought a nice hunk of bison tri-tip a couple nights ago, and I am contemplating having it for dinner tomorrow night...

...although I am stuck as to how exactly prepare it, as well as what to serve it with! If it were a normal piece of beef, I would either pan or oven roast it (as I am currently out of charcoal for my grill). But I know bison is considerably leaner, so I am worried about over-cooking it.

It's approximatly 1 1/4 lbs, which should be plenty for my husband & I.

I would also typically pair a roast with some sort of potato and then a veggie of some sort, but that road is leaving me wanting more. I do have a home-made spice rub that I'm planning on using (juniper, garlic, cumin, salt & pepper, mostly) which has been great on elk & other game meats.
Should I butterfly it to season the entire thing, then re-roll it (since it's an odd shape to begin with) or just not bother and cook the damned thing?

I'm not afraid of trying new things by any stretch of the imagination, but the hubby it a little more traditional when it comes to red meat, so twists on old reliables might be good.

Help? Please?

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