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November 3rd, 2012

Willow Bird Baking Challenge results

Hosting my 5-week series, Willow Bird Baking Challenge, has been so much fun. I thought instead of posting with each batch of results, I would do a big round-up here of everyone's creations over the 5 weeks.

To recap, Willow Bird Baking Challenge was a 5-week series wherein I introduced a new challenge each week. The challenges required bakers to get innovative in the kitchen. The challengers all came up with creative flavor combinations, constructed gorgeous desserts (or savory treats), and tackled some things they had never tried before.

Each photo collage is linked to that batch of results on Willow Bird Baking. The blogs of the challengers are included with their results (if they have one) so you can get the recipes! They did such an amazing job.

Challenge 5 was to innovate cheesecake.

more gorgeous resultsCollapse )

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Freezing and using spaghetti squash.

Hello all!
If this can be done with desireable results, I thought someone here would know. :D

So... I sent my man to the store for spaghetti squash and he brought four, huge, squash back, even though I said one. LOL!
My question is, I've cooked them already and separated the strands and put them into freezer bags. I have read online that you can freeze the cooked strands and thaw and use them as needed, but I'm wondering what the act of freezing and thawing does to the texture? The squash is pretty starchy, so I'm concerned it would either make it too wet or weird and slimy which I don't want.

Any thoughts? If you've done this, what was the best way to use it to keep the texture?

Thanks as always!
Gryffindor tie? Check.
Firebolt? Check.
Authentic Ollivander's wand? Check.
Gray sweater, white collared shirt, black jeans a la the fifth film? Check, check, annnd...check.

If we're going to play a game of whodunnit, it wasn't Crookshanks this time.

I confess. I ate my owl.

But so did my dozen other friends who indulged in these delicious Halloween-inspired treats, complete with a surprise choco-orange frosting. It was not. My. Fault.

It really was a very tasty owl.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to mosey off to Eeylops' Owl Emporium...I may need to buy another one so I can air-mail these to every other person on Earth who deserves it. Because they're quite good, you know.

Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to my blog for more fun photos and make this recipe ASAP!

Up in the Owlery...Collapse )


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