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November 7th, 2012

Nov. 7th, 2012

I am in a quiche making mode. I baked a spectacular bacon and broccoli quiche the other day (in which my husband, no lie, devoured 1/2 of it in a day), and this weekend we're having some family over and I wanted to make that quiche again, but also wanted to have osme other options- kind of like a brunch type setting.

Do you think scalloped potatoes would be a good side dish to quiche? I'm really having some creativity issues right now as far as pairing foods. Any other foods that go well with quiche would be greatly appreciated!


Post-election Celebration Loco Moco

ETA: Pronunciation corrected

In celebration of the new US president and to soak up some of the liquor you're tossing back, make the classic loco moco  (pronounce loh-koh moh-koh), a dish served throughout the Hawaiian island chain in various forms.

This hearty combination of a bed of sushi rice, your favourite 'brown' or beef gravy, covered with a fried egg (over easy or sunny side up as long as the yolk is still runny) and a hamburger patty and more gravy as well as a scoop of coleslaw.

For a healthier version, substitute brown rice for the sushi rice. Instead of the hamburger patty, use a turkey or chicken burger, a piece of grilled fish or marinated tofu. And, if you're into a monochromatic colour scheme, make a white (chicken based) gravy.

If you really want to be authentic uniquely Hawaiian , substitute a slice of grilled SPAM for the hamburger patty. For that version, go to my LJ.

Classic Loco Moco

Gingerbread Loaf

Gingerbread Loaf

This gingerbread loaf is moist and full of warm spice, perfect on a crisp fall day.

Recipe and more over at The Alchemist.

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