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November 13th, 2012

Chocolate buttercream

Hi everyone,

I recently made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, but the frosting recipe made SO much frosting! Way too much for the amount of cake that was made... so I have TONS of chocolate buttercream left. (About 1 standard tupperware size full...)

Does anyone have any good suggestions of things I can do with it? The cake was so huge that I don't want to make another chocolate cake, otherwise I'll be put off of it and that would be sad! (Also, cupcakes are kind of out, because I'm currently in a country where they don't really have great access to muffin forms... my housemate has a small one, but it only has 6 small muffin holes, and they would take FOREVER to make a lot of.)

Any and all suggestions welcome! Thanks! :)

Cool Resource for Doing that Frugal Thing

meatshop101 is written to help one make to most out of their meat purchases but demystifying the cuts and merchandising language used at the grocer. I have found it a great help when trying to figure out exactly what I can get out of a large cut. If you have considered cutting your own steaks/roasts or having your butcher do so I encourage you to check out this site.

Frugally Yours-

Tomato soup using frozen tomatoes

I froze some farmer's market tomatoes a couple months ago and I now have a hankering for tomato soup (with grilled cheese sammiches!). Wondering if I can make the soup using my frozen tomatoes. Anyone have any recipes for this or a how-to? Do I thaw, de-skin, chop, blend, and then proceed as normal? Will it still taste okay or would canned be better?

I’m not Sam–but take a look!

Sam-I-am is in this book.

I’m sure you all know how Sam-I-am…

Loves a good dish of green eggs and ham.

But the question to ask,

We must take to task!

It’s not such a crime…

We’ll ask, “Do pancakes buzz?”

(But that doesn’t rhyme!)

(Well now it does.)

Would they

buzz over coffee?

(Try feeding them toffee!)

Or would they

buzz o’er papers?

You can find out, you escapers! Escape on over to my blog for more nifty Seussian-style nonsense, as well as for a great okonomiyaki recipe. (If you don't know what this is--oh, you'll want to! The places you will go!)

Kimchi Pancakes RecipeCollapse )

My Little Pony cake!

I'm a qualified baker and training pastry chef who likes to bake cakes in my spare time. Recently I've had a few requests for birthday cakes and one of them was a My Little Pony cake for the young daughter of a friend of mine. Her only specifications were "rainbow cake and her favourite colour is pink" so with that in mind I made the cake I've been wanting to make for some time now: Pinkie Pie's gala dress! The birthday party in question isn't till this Saturday but I am having an operation tomorrow (just having a tooth out, nothing serious) and I wasn't sure if I'd be fully recovered from the general anesthetic by Thursday/Friday. Anyway!

I am here at the Grand Gala, for it is the best party, but the one thing it was missing was a pony named Pinkie! For I am the best at parties, all the ponies will agree... ponies playing, ponies dancing, with me at the Grand Gala!Collapse )

Cross-posted around the various baking/cake comms and the pony comm!


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