November 15th, 2014


My carrots have gone a little soft, what to do?

They're not really bad yet, but they're no longer in that 'enjoyable-for-salad' state, and while they for sure can be used mashed or in a soup, I don't anticipate any dishes with that in the immediate future.see, my mom's married to a guy with his own produce so there's never a shortage of goodies, sometimes more than we know what to do with or give to friends- I've taken to dicing up stuff like spring onions, celery, zucchini and such other goodies and they keep awesomely well in the freezer, so whenever I do have the time to make soup I have already the goodies set to go... I guess what I'm asking here is what would be more advisable?

I don't think the carrots are in a state they will grate without difficulty, so my remaining options (since I don't want the trouble of it) is:

a) process them: I always do these with carrots before adding them to sauces, I was thinking of doing that, put them in a bad and freeze them, then add it to a soup for color flavor and a bit of 'body'. I think there should be no problem with this?

b) just dice them up in little chunks and freeze them, then just add that to an hypothetical future soup or mashed goodness.

Would that work? or do you guys have any other ideas for carrots that are a little too soft for grating?