Abigail (crayolaab) wrote in cooking,

how to cook?

I purchased these rice noodles but they do not have cooking instructions in english. Here is what the package says:

Banh Ph'o' Thu'o'ng Hang
Chantaboon Rice Stick

Royal Blossom

Ingredients - rice flour and water.

Thanh Phan Dinh Duong.

Any thoughts??

ETA: (sorry, I forgot about moderated status and then I couldn't edit the post because it hadn't posted and I went to bed before it did post) I did google the name of the noodles and came up with instructions to soak in warm water for an hour (here: http://importfood.com/nogl4001.html that's the exact package I got). I just wanted to clarify that this was correct because I thought it sounded like an AWFULLY long time... turns out that it was, because the noodles were basically mush :(
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