Chrissy (lilac333girl) wrote in cooking,

Kluski Noodles

My maternal grandparents are both from Poland and I was raised in Chicago (an area with a huge Polish population). I grew up with pierogi and kapusta at Thanksgiving, and was spoiled by the fact that there would be a Polish deli in any direction I chose to go. Which leads to my rather non-Polish food problem...

Tonight I had a hankering for some homemade chicken noodle soup. No problem; soup isn't that difficult. The problem I'm having is that my mother always used kluski noodles in her soup. However, I now live in Ohio, and I cannot find kluski noodles anywhere. Everytime I make chicken soup these days I've tried various noodles in my chicken noodle soup, and I've always been disappointed.

Kluski noodles are extremely thick and hearty, and even keep their firmness for weeks in a broth!

So, really what I'm wondering is what types of noodles you all can suggest for chicken noodle soup, or even a chain of stores that may cary some decent ones. Meijer carries something they call a "kluski" noodle, but it's not even close.

Thanks in advance!
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