akrazia (akrazia) wrote in cooking,

Help me rescue a burned out Le Creuset Dutch oven

OK, so my mother apparently left the stove on overnight while stewing some sort of meat dish in her 30-year-old Le Creuset dutch oven (part of a very 1970s-orange set she got when she got married). By the time she discovered it, the meat was a small black charred lump and both the Dutch oven-- and soon the kitchen and entire house-- were filled with this incredibly acrid, bitter, chemical smelling black smoke.
I'm telling you, when I came to visit for Christmas a week later, the house still reeked.
The pot itself is of course still in pretty good shape. After scrubbing it out, there is only a faint black tinge to the ceramic lining in places.
The smell, however, stubbornly remains, and every time you lift the lid it wafts out again.
She was going to toss it out altogether, but I insisted on attempting to rescue it (have you seen what that stuff sells for brand new?). So far I have tried various combinations of baking soda and white vinegar, including most recently a stint of boiling a combination of the two-- to no avail. It still stinks and makes me cough when I lift the lid.

Any other suggestions?
Am I going to have to give up and get rid of it?
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