even artichokes have hearts (bytsim) wrote in cooking,
even artichokes have hearts

Chinese restaurant dipping sauce?

You know when you go to a normal everyday Chinese food restaurant and order eggrolls, fried shrimp or bbq pork, and it comes with the little bowl of ketchup-y dipping sauce, hot mustard and sesame seeds? I have been searching for how exactly to make the ketchup-y stuff. Googling brought up nothing but duck sauce and bbq sauce recipes.

Its not 100% ketchup, its not sweet and sour sauce or duck sauce (i dont think... never had duck sauce). It just tastes like sweet and tangy, kinda spicy ketchup (but not at ALL like cocktail sauce). its red like ketchup, has the texture of it too. But I'm pretty sure it's not just ketchup.

Anyone know how to make it?

I tried mixing some ketchup with soy sauce, some sugar and hot chili sauce, but that was definitely not it.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I believe that the recipe for Tonkatsu sauce that yamiko posted is close to what I was looking for!
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