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White vs. Yellow

I'm trying to find the perfect vanilla cupcake recipe this weekend, with the intention of filling it with mango curd and topping it with raspberry flavored buttercream roses (my first try, so who knows). But I'm stuck thinking about the sort of vanilla cupcake I want to make.

On one hand, I had envisioned making a WHITE CAKE for my 'perfect vanilla cupcake,' and I think mango curd would taste better in white cake. Something like this. I've prowled around determining what makes a white cake moist and dense and I think it's the use of cake flour and buttermilk. I could be making this up entirely -- feel free to chime in with your opinions.

On the other hand, white cakes are typically not as stellar as yellow cakes. They use egg whites instead of the whole egg, which can make them drier or less tender. And Smitten Kitchen has this "perfect yellow cake" recipe.

I'm not sure whether to go with the white cake, go with the yellow cake, or make the yellow cake substituting 2 egg whites for every egg, turning it into a white cake (risky?). I've also thought of just straddling the fence and replacing 2 of the 4 eggs in the SK recipe with whites, making it whiter. Ha. Anyone have an opinion?
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