Plain Rebecca Jane (annaonthemoon) wrote in cooking,
Plain Rebecca Jane

Cooking a Boneless Turkey Crown?

My husband and I didn't get to spend Christmas together this past year as we were in the middle of organizing my spousal visa (to join him in the UK). Now that I'm here, we've decided to have Christmas tomorrow - putting up the tree, exchanging gifts, and having Christmas dinner.

Of course, it was near impossible to get a turkey in January. My husband wound up going to a local butcher shop where they sold him a 6lb "boneless turkey crown"....and I have no idea how to cook the darn thing. I did a bone-in crown in 2008 and just followed the regular roasting times (20 minutes per lb + 20 minutes at 185C), but I'm not sure if the same would apply for a boneless.

I've also read that this isn't a crown and is called a "Saddle of Turkey", but googling how to cook one of those hasn't really helped.

Advice is appreciated!

Oh, and I don't plan on trying to stuff it, so it will be the unstuffed time.
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