Revelatory (revelationtrib) wrote in cooking,

Spoiled rice?

So I cooked some brown rice last night and forgot to put it in the fridge until I came back from work today at 5, meaning the rice was sitting outside in a 70-degree kitchen (no air conditioning) for almost 24 hours. When I opened it up, the rice was sticky and mushy, but it didn't smell or taste that "off". Now I know this is dicey, but I hate wasting food, so I cooked it for about thirty minutes in a stir fry pan to make fried rice. I've done this before with white rice and it's come out okay.

The rice tastes okay now, but it's probably masked by the soy sauce and garlic. Is it still safe to eat? Only the texture is a bit off, but maybe that signifies latent signs of spoiling? I just don't want to find myself violently ill tomorrow morning and right now it doesn't seem bad.

Thoughts? Throw it out or it's okay?
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