Rolled and curled your tinted hair (stakingaclaim) wrote in cooking,
Rolled and curled your tinted hair

jam won't jell

I just made cooked jam and canned it in a boiling water canner for the first time ever! The canning was quite successful; the jam, however, was not. I used Sure-Jell pectin and thought I followed the directions closely, but this was my first time doing a cooked jam so maybe I messed up and didn't realize. The jam didn't quite jell and is somewhere around the consistency of honey/room temp pancake syrup, which might be fine on ice cream or possibly even a biscuit or toast if you're not picky, but it's just way too runny for pb&j. I'm trying another batch this month in the hopes I can get it right before my coworker gives me 3 lbs of figs from her tree in August. I've done freezer jam before a long time ago and it seemed to set up more easily. Do any of you have any tips or tricks for making cooked jam and getting it to set up properly? Is there any method I could use to test it to see if it will jell properly before I put it in the jars?
Tags: help: freezing/storing
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