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How much rice/noodles?

Hello all!

I have a couple questions, one probably a rather stupid one, but hopefully someone here has an anser anyway. :-)
So I'm looking at a recipe for beef stroganoff that's supposed to serve eight.
It calls for 6 cups hot cooked rice or noodles.
First question: I'm wondering (because I haven't decided whether i want to use rice or noodles yet,) whether you all think brown would work for such a thing? I don't tend to buy white rice; haven't in years. My boyfriend hates rice, but tends to prefer brown over white because it isn't as gloppy and he likes the nuttier flavor.
Or, would noodles work better? I've personally never eten it over rice so...
Now for the stupid question:
I'm aware that the ratio of dry noodles or rice is not the same. So for example, if something calls for 4 cups cooked macaroni, you don't need 2 16-ounce boxes of dry to make that much cooked.
So, this recipe wants 6 cups cooked rice or noodles. How much dry is required to get that amount cooked for either rice or noodles?

Thanks much!
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