Jaclyn (faisdodo) wrote in cooking,

Stale pretzels

So I have this giant bag of stale pretzels taking up space in my "pantry." It's from CostCo. I don't want to throw it out because 1. That's a waste and 2. I live in Japan, where throwing out large quantities of anything is a pain.

I have thought of crushing them up to make "fried" chicken (but should I add anything else to them?), or sprinkling them on some kind of dessert, or turning them into chocolate-dipped pretzels...but then I run out of ideas. Most of the recipes I can think of that the pretzels might compliment are creamy casseroles, and it's hard for me to get ingredients for that kind of stuff here. So... do you guys have any tried-and-true recipes for old pretzels?

If all else fails... I guess I can just make it a habit to go feed some pigeons every weekend... for a year.
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