Tobin (fringedweller) wrote in cooking,

Substituting alcohol in Christmas cake recipes

Here in Britain it's traditional to have a rich fruitcake for Christmas, and these cakes are traditionally baked a month or two ahead of time and kept wrapped in brown paper/in airtight tins.

All of the recipes I have seen include some form of alcohol (brandy, sherry) used, as a liquid for the fruit to soak in and as liquid to be poured into the cake while it's resting before Christmas.

I'm tee total, and the taste of alcohol in food always makes me feel ill. I don't usually eat Christmas cake because of this, because I can always taste the alcohol. I want to make my own cake this year, but omit the alcohol.

I've see some recipes that say to soak the fruit in orange juice instead of brandy. Would this be an acceptable substitute liquid to feed the cake with, or would I just end up with orange flavoured fruitcake?

Should I just leave out feeding the cake at all? Does the alcohol act as a preservative for the cake? Should I leave the cake baking to the last minute, as I won't be using the alcohol?

Thak in advance for anyone that can help me!
Tags: help: substitutions
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