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Freezing and using spaghetti squash.

Hello all!
If this can be done with desireable results, I thought someone here would know. :D

So... I sent my man to the store for spaghetti squash and he brought four, huge, squash back, even though I said one. LOL!
My question is, I've cooked them already and separated the strands and put them into freezer bags. I have read online that you can freeze the cooked strands and thaw and use them as needed, but I'm wondering what the act of freezing and thawing does to the texture? The squash is pretty starchy, so I'm concerned it would either make it too wet or weird and slimy which I don't want.

Any thoughts? If you've done this, what was the best way to use it to keep the texture?

Thanks as always!
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