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Brittle vs. buttercrunch

Candymakers, I have a question.

I am planning to make a candy with tropical nuts (Brazil, cashew, macadamia), and I am wondering what recipe to use to create something similar to a brittle or buttercrunch. However, in my search I have also encountered buttercrunch recipes, and it's set me to wondering: Is there actually a difference between a brittle, and a buttercrunch?

Brittle, by definition, is a hard sugar candy, usually with nuts, stretched thin. Buttercrunch is not really defined in a specific way from what I have found, and the recipe components are usually similar to those of a brittle - sugar, some water, , corn syrup, butter, a little baking soda, some vanilla - with the exception that buttercrunch often seems to include a layer of chocolate coating. Some buttercrunch recipes seem to include more butter, which perhaps influences the name; but some brittle recipes call for more butter than others, so it doesn't seem to be the deciding factor.

So, lacking a hard-and-fast difference by definition, is it safe to say that buttercrunch and brittle are more or less the same thing?
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