Emily (im_weird_people) wrote in cooking,

Chocolate buttercream

Hi everyone,

I recently made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, but the frosting recipe made SO much frosting! Way too much for the amount of cake that was made... so I have TONS of chocolate buttercream left. (About 1 standard tupperware size full...)

Does anyone have any good suggestions of things I can do with it? The cake was so huge that I don't want to make another chocolate cake, otherwise I'll be put off of it and that would be sad! (Also, cupcakes are kind of out, because I'm currently in a country where they don't really have great access to muffin forms... my housemate has a small one, but it only has 6 small muffin holes, and they would take FOREVER to make a lot of.)

Any and all suggestions welcome! Thanks! :)
Tags: dessert: all, dessert: frosting, help: what to make
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