he got hit with a couple arrows- it happens (lilacmackinac) wrote in cooking,
he got hit with a couple arrows- it happens

Boston Chinese Food


I am a life long Bostonian who recently moved to the Midwest. Americanized Chinese food is so different out here, and I miss good golden fried chicken fingers and perfectly seasoned fried rice from the little hole in the wall that I would go to when in the mood for something totally unhealthy for me.

But, what I really REALLY REALLY miss is what we called Duck Sauce. It didn't come in a prepackaged pouch- all the restaurants around my area would put them in little plastic containers.
It was sweet, and kind of a little lumpy. I always heard it was made from applesauce, but there was definitely something else in there.

Does anyone happen to know, first of all, what I'm talking about and secondly if there is a recipe for it? I have been craving it so badly, and will not be back home for a while. I just want to dip some bread in it! Help me, please!
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