Stef (morningapproach) wrote in cooking,

Substituting Sour Cream for Whipping Cream?

I am home sick from work today, but still have to work my 2nd job this evening & go see Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. I am making thi recipe: 44 Clove Garlic Soup in an attempt to fight off the sickness head on.  I have made it before, about 2 weeks ago when I was sick (part of this same cold), and it was fantastic. This time I am doubling it (the liquid amounts, not the garlic) and I don't have whipping cream anymore. Am I okay to use sour cream? I don't have any other milk products in the house, and I REALLY want to avoid leaving the house unless I have to :p

any other substitution suggestions? 
Tags: help: substitutions, herbs and spices: garlic, soups and stews
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